Now Live! Quickspin unveils its long-awaited Beastwood video slot

long-awaited Beastwood video slot news item

The new Beastwood video slot from Swedish online casino games developer Quickspin is finally here, complete with a new mechanic that gives iGaming fans the chance to win rewards worth up to 29,520 times their original stake.

The Stockholm-based business announced the arrival of a new protagonist in Mr Beastwood, with a forest-themed high-volatility advance that features a brand new character. The innovator also said that this character has been “packaged up in gorgeous graphics with monsters and creatures,” implying he will be used across other games in the future.

Quickspin revealed that Beastwood uses its new Endless Reels mechanism, which is based on previous technology from 2017’s Wins of Fortune video slot and features utilized in the Wild Chase: Tokyo Go game three years ago. The company also said that the term “promises to be an immediate cult classic” since it is suited for gamers who want “large wins and large-scale production games.”

Quickspin reported in March of 2016 that Beastwood begins with four reels and should be especially popular in European regions like Sweden and the United Kingdom. The pioneer, on the other hand, stated that interest quickly rises as new reels are introduced via enhanced wins with double multipliers, which raises any prizes earned from the fifth reel and every third reel after it.

Beastwood comes with a unique feature: three selectable return to player ratios in 87%, 94%, and 96%. This is perfect for iGaming operators because it allows them to post margins in any market, without having to worry about the game being too easy or too difficult. Additionally, there is a ten-attempt free spins feature which can be accessed by collecting four scatter icons. Furthermore, if you manage to get substituting Golden X Wild symbols, you will also be able to activate the bonus buy attraction.

Quickspin’s Clint Andersson jokingly claimed, through a press release,  that the theme behind Beastwood was inspired by “extensive research” that revealed “monsters usually reside in the woods.” The innovator went on to say that this aided the company in coming up with the game’s title, which combines “monsters and forests equals Beastwood,” in order to create a “stunning name for our new intellectual property’s protagonist.”

He adds, “We set out to create a new mechanic for Quickspin so we wanted a new character to shoulder this. Since the game maths focus on locking symbols in long chains of ways, we came up with the idea of a protagonist using a big harpoon with a gold chain to trap the monster symbols on the reels, which worked out beautifully well with the game mechanic.”


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