Why Online Casinos Require Personal Documents

Why Online Casinos Require Personal Documents 2

It’s a common practice for online casinos to require personal documents for verification purposes. Players have to go through a process known as KYC (Know Your Customer), where you have to send over an ID, proof of address, and/or extra documents, like proof of payment method ownership or proof of source of funds. The verification time may vary from one casino to another, and usually takes place at the moment a withdrawal request is made, during the registration process, or whenever the players ask for verification. While the details are different, what online casinos all have in common are the reasons why personal documents are required. Keep reading to find out more…

Reasons for Document Verification in Online Casinos

So why do online casinos require personal documents? There are some good reasons behind this, related to legal and licensing requirements, anti-fraud measures, and efforts in preventing any security breaches.

Legal licensing requirementsLegal and Licensing Requirements

Online casinos are required by the laws of the jurisdiction where they are based, to run KYC checks on all players. This is done to comply with licensing regulations, that help prevent underage gambling, and ensure that players are visiting from countries where online gambling is allowed. An identity card, like a passport or driver’s license, combined with a recent proof of residency, ensures that players are who they claim to be. Make sure the documents are perfectly visible, in the required format, and are not expired.

payment securityPayment Security and Transaction Verification

There are strict measures set in place that online casinos implement to combat security breaches, especially in payments. They may request additional documents for significant transactions, including proof of source of funds. It can be a bank statement or proof of employment that shows that funds used for gambling come from legitimate sources. Additionally, you may be asked to verify ownership of a payment method, to ensure that you are indeed the account holder. A bank statement, image of your card, or screenshot of your e-wallet may be required.

responsible-gamblingPlayer Safety and Responsible Gambling

To protect vulnerable players, and adhere to responsible gambling measures, online casinos may ask for documents that prove that you are over 18 or the minimum age allowed to gamble in your jurisdiction. They also have self-exclusion programs set in place, as part of responsible gambling measures. UK players, for example, are required to provide proof of registration with Gamstop, a self-exclusion service for online gambling. Gamstop allows individuals to voluntarily exclude themselves from UK-licensed online gambling sites, promoting responsible gambling and providing a tool for self-management.

anti fraudAnti-Fraud Measures

Some players may create multiple accounts, so that they can take advantage of bonuses and promotions. To prevent this, online casinos require personal documents, as part of their anti-fraud measures. This aids in verifying the authenticity of information. Confirming a player’s residence, for example, helps casinos prevent identity theft and ensures compliance with anti-money laundering laws and regulations. In some cases, SSN or national insurance number may be requested, for tax reporting purposes. This is especially true for casinos operating in the US market.


What documents are required?

Why Online Casinos Require Personal Documents 1

The primary documents that online casinos commonly require are a government-issued ID for identity verification and proof of address for confirming residency. Additional documents like proof of source of funds or selfie-ID may be requested in specific situations or as part of enhanced security measures, but they are not as commonly required as the fundamental ID and proof of address.

  • Government-issued ID: Identity card, driver’s license, or passport. Images have to be clear.
  • Proof of Residency: Bank statement or utility bill, usually not older than three or six months.
  • Proof of payment method ownership: Proof that the payment method used is in your name.
  • Selfie-ID: Basically this is a selfie of you holding an ID card, like a driver’s license or passport.
  • Proof of source of funds: Proof of employment may be required, as part of AML regulations.

To ensure a smooth verification process, make sure to upload or submit the documents on time, and in the required format (PDF, JPEG, PNG). You may also ask customer support for updates or assistance.


When does the verification process start?

Why Online Casinos Require Personal Documents 4

The profile verification process usually takes place at the moment the first withdrawal request is made. Before you can submit a withdrawal request, you will be asked to verify your profile. In contrast, some casinos enable players to verify their profiles immediately upon registration. Immediate verification is a more convenient alternative, as it cuts down delays, and allows players to cash out their winnings faster. You can always check the profile verification details in your casino’s terms and conditions. Additionally, you may ask customer support for assistance with this query.


How long does the verification process take?

The verification process may vary from one casino to another. Some casinos, for example, use AI-tools or third-party software that allow their players to instantly verify their profiles, whenever required. However, the majority of online casinos still follow the traditional route: KYC team handles the profile verification process, documents are checked manually, in the order they are received. You may have to wait from 24 up to 72 hours for the verification process to be complete. Other casinos may take longer. Next time you register in an online casino, make sure to check the time it takes them to verify your profile. You don’t want to wait a week or longer to have your profile verified in order to cash out.


Are No-KYC casinos safe to play?

The emerging trend of No-KYC casinos poses a threat to the security and trust that the online gambling industry has built throughout the years. Keep in mind that a licensed and regulated online casino will always ask for personal documents, whether that be prior or during the withdrawal request. No-KYC casinos may indeed be more appealing in terms of privacy, especially when combined with the use of cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals. However, an unregulated environment paves the way to potential security breaches. If you ask us, opt for licensed and regulated online casinos, with clear rules on deposits, withdrawals, and profile verification processes.



To complete your profile verification in an online casino you will be asked to send an identity card and proof of residency. Some online casinos may also require proof of payment ownership, and proof of source of funds.
The profile verification process may take from a few hours up to a few days, depending on the casino.
Absolutely! Your personal information in an online casino is processed in accordance with data processing regulation laws. They also have encryption protocols set in place that guarantee the safety of user’s sensitive information, like passwords or payment details.
Online casinos require personal documents for identity verification, legal compliance, and to prevent fraud and underage gambling.


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